Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunvista Wreck & Pulau Sembilan

This is my third visit to the Sunvista Wreck. Unfortunately, the results had gone from mythbustingly good to busted. :-) The continous actions and multiple bust offs on the first visit that left us all jaw-dropped were just not meant to be re-experienced. Anyhow, we made the best of the worst by amusing ourselves with mindless jokes and one of the highlight being turning Choong's (boatman) signature line into everyone's signature line. Choong has a habit of saying 'Ok Come' or 'Ok 来' after parking the boat to drift jig. And it didn't take Bruce long to pick it up and began using and abusing the phrase. In the end, everyone picked up the contagious phrase and it was used throughout the trip, even til the last evening when we were having dinner when the dishes came, Choong said 'Ok 来!'.
The journey to Sitiawan began at 4am in the morning as we didn't want to get ourselves caught in the Hari Raya traffic. Travelling in the wee hours is definitely more relaxing with the minimal traffic on the road. We reached Sitiawan around 7am and grabbed breakfast and bought chicken rice for our lunch later in the day. We departed the jetty around 9am and began the 2 hours torture of bumpy ride.
We only jigged at the Sunvista Wreck for around 2 hours plus until we were caught in the middle of a storm. We weren't exactly caught by suprise... Approximately on the 2nd hour, we could clearly see in a distant dark clouds, heavy rain, white waves and strong wind blowing towards us. We waited and jigged, and jigged and waited til the very last minute before putting down our gears and on goes the windbreakers/raincoat while Choong sped out of the storm. We left the wreck with only 1 GT caught by me. Disappointed but can't complain. :-) The rest of the spots we went to for the rest of the day was not productive. Choong wanted to bring us to the Grouper and Tenggiri spot but it was already covered by the incoming storm. Around 6pm, we were back on land. Packed our stuffs and headed to Sitiawan Hotel to check in for the night.
Actions at Pulau Sembilan on the 2nd day didn't pick up much until later in the afternoon/evening. We were running away from storms after storms in the earlier part of the day as well. Not a single GT was landed throughout the day and the only obliging ones are the Queenies / Talangs. Fortunately and finally, I get to jigged a decent size fish with the Ever Green Poseidon Spin Jerker and Stella C3000. Absolutely no regrets with the setup. Totally love the lightness of the rod and reel. Once you've jigged with that, you just don't look back!
Anyway, the 2nd day ended with a slow note as Choong was having engine problems. And we had to cruise back to the jetty at trolling speed which took us around 1.5-2 hours compared to the normal 30 minutes to reach the jetty. So the time was spent on the usual mindless jokes again. Choong even took his Sabel Dance & Branzino setup and snap on a trolling lure and started trolling. That's how slow we were going...

Wanted to go to mamak to grab some roti canai but they were all closed and cleaning up as it was Raya morning. So ended up in McD at 4am before leaving town. Damien, Sharma & Kuan Wai.
Gearing up.
Sharma & Damien took front roll seats and am pretty sure they were thinking 'WTF was i thinking' when I snapped this picture... :-pDaiwa, Committed to Total Quality - Damien & Bruce.
Addidas...something impossible? Ken & Sharma.
Alan & Kuan Wai.
Is that a tiny tail that's coming out from the cloud...?
The only GT landed at the wreck...
Sharma with his Talang / Queen Fish.
Alan with another Queen...
Damien with his...
And me with mine! :-D
On Shimano Butterfly 55g jig.
Sabel Dance & Branzino used for trolling...hehehehe...
Bruce and Alan taking turn to pump the petrol as the petrol pump wasn't working properly. Check out how dark it was...and we were still not back on land...


Krazie Fishie said...

Ok 来

Sunshine through my window
That's what you are
My shining star
Making me feel
I'm on top of the world
Telling me I'll go far


D'factored said...

ok ok ...enough liaoo enough liao !!! we need a new song !

Anonymous said...

Hi KY,
which part of the ship wreck you guys were jiggin at?

Blue Ocean

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi Blue Ocean... What do you mean which part? We couldn't really tell...depending on the current and wind...we were either jigging from side to side of the boat, or front to end... i guess.. :-p

Anonymous said...

Hi KY,

am trying to figure out which end of the shipwreck is more productive. We went there 2 times result so so only.
The cost is remained at $1,800/day?
You all going back again? Looking at the way the boatman hood the spot i think it would not last wrong...jigs of all made gonna hanged on trawler net like jigs display corner...hahaha

Blue Ocean

Ken FK Yong said...

Blue Ocean,

Don quite think I'll wanna go back there again...as much as I wanna rewrite history :-p

anyway, still got a lot of other wrecks ma... hehehehe....