Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Burma Bank - Part I

Finally, the much anticipated trip is just 1 day away. All packed and ready to kick some ass!!

Braid fighting belt, jig bag, windbreaker, Kit Kats, Accurate 665, Saltiga Dogfight, Saltiga 4500, Stella 8000 and Avet SX. CHECKED!!
Hooks, Boga, swivels, rings, gloves, leaders. CHECKED!!
Poppers and pencils. CHECKED!!
Pouch with passport, MP3 player, camera, medicines, US dollars, etc. CHECKED!!
Bazooka with rods; Tenryu JigZam 3-5, VFox 4-8, Kaibutsu 2-4, Xzoga 5-6, Gcraft 6, Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 6. CHECKED!!
In the past many many trips, I've learned to not have any expectations on a trip. A week ago, saw some pictures on Fisherzone forum with Yellow Fins of 80 over kg caught on Polaris Gold, the boat which I'm boarding tomorrow night. So will I have any expectations? Hahahaha... don't dare to think. Anyway, I want a DOGTOOTH!!!! I WANT IT!!! The bigger the better!!! So please, if you are reading this, pray for me!!!!
DOGTOOTH!! Get your tuna red meat ass ready for some WHOPPING!!!!


Bruce said...

Goose Luck bro and dont forget to "Ngaw Juk"...

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