Thursday, August 21, 2008


238 days since my last posting!!! I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D Back from Myanmar!!! Hahahahaha...

This is totally crazy. I just stopped from Burma Banks - Part I and disappeared for 238 freaking days. Before I go any further, if you are reading this, PLS DROP A COMMENT and let me know you are out there!!! It really got me anyone still reading my blog? Or shall I title this post 'Death of KY Jigging Space'?

Anyway...a lot happened in the past 238 days. Lets start from the beginning...After Burma Banks (which I'll post some pictures later), it was BAU (business as usual) at work. But things got a lil busy as I was gonna change job so there were lots of handover to be done. Then when I started my new job, LEAVE APPLICATION was ceased automatically. Therefore it wasn't just the blog that kinda died too. I've only gone to the sea ONCE in the past 238 days...ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even that also weren't a very fruitful one. (which I'll post some pictures later too)

Anyway, things are looking bright again. The fishing is gonna resume AND so is the buying. Several new members were added to the family; couple of rods and reels. The Poseidon Spin Jerker's elder brother has joined the family, and the eldest is on the way. There's also a 4'8'' XXH new member. Nature Boys also joined the family. And how can I miss out on the 2008 lineups of Stellas, whom have already joined the family!! The Stella 3000C is going through more cosmetic changes. There are stuffs from Accurate and Alutecnos. MORE stuffs are coming in from Plat, Tackledirect, Melton Tackle & Anglers Pro. Jigs wise, the total weight is still growing. So in summary, it's totally BRIGHT!!!!!!

And I've also got into some other mini investment outside of fishing. Bought a XboX 360 a while ago along with Sony's 42 LCD. A double storey linked house was purchased. So that's a total bomb. And a CATCH OF A LIFETIME was caught sometime back. So yeah... a lot have been going on, and it's about time to blog about them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So lets see what's coming up in the next few posts...gotta arrange my thoughts... First it'll definitely be Part II of Burma Banks. That may be broken down into several posts. Then some of the mini trips that I went on in the past several months. Then the heaps of new toys. Then the CATCH OF A LIFETIME. Hmmm...I think I'll post the XboX and Sony LCD too. They deserve some attention too since they are part of the family.

So if you are still reading, stay tune as things should get all heated up again. Maybe a bit slow on the fishing reports as leave application will be tough until my job confirmation at the end of the year. So til then, no fishing trips more than 2 days. But everything is LOOKING TOTALLY BRIGHT!!!


Kash said...

hmm yeah I still read it...and lucky I had my live feed on and realised u posted somethin new.


Kevin said...

Yes... I do read your blog. But pardon my lurkiness....?:p

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back - BRUCE

D'factored said...

huan ying..huan yingg ... :D

Anonymous said...

Cool! Finally u are back! More things to be learnt from yr trips!!!

Had said...

Still reading man

Anonymous said...

Finally u're back...happy fishing!!

izac_yi (FZ)