Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Burma Banks - Part II - Polaris Gold vs Crystal Coral

Finally, Part II!!!!

Lets talk about the boat, Polaris Gold (PG). Since the only other bigger boat that I've been on is Crystal Coral, that's the only comparison I can do. And also it's more relevant, I think in Malaysia these are the more popular ones beside Sea Maiden 1 and...nah don't know any others. :-p So refer to CRYSTAL CORAL for some references.

Exterior wise, the PG looks newer and more aero-dynamic. And the short stairs in front to go the the top deck is a very 'friendly' alternate entrance/exit. Captain's cabin - The PG definitely looks cleaner.
Captain's bed.
The front deck with additional rod holders. This is where we keep all our popping rods as we used the front decks for popping.
Side - sufficiently spaced.
The back area. The 2 doors would be the toilets and the left would be the kitchen. The floor on the lower left of the picture would be their freezer.

Entrance to the living area.
The crampy living area with the tv and stuffs. CC definitely win handsdown here with proper sitting place and speakers although we didn't really turn the speakers on. But who cares!?!? It's there!! :-p
Sleeping area. Comparatively, I prefer the sleeping area of CC. It's slightly more spacious.

More sleeping areas 'downstairs'.

The shower. Unfortunately, unlike CC, no hot shower. And size wise, CC wins hands down. And it tends to flood.

That's about all. Didn't take pictures of the deck but it were't very spacious. One of the MAIN downfall of PG is the lack of tables and chairs; there's no proper sitting place. And that applies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The next posting will be on food, and you'll see that our food are either placed on the floor or on top of the red ice box and we either eat sitting on the floor, or standing or just sit on the side of the boat. Overall, the PG is and looks newer. But in terms of 'built for anglers', CC is top notch. The dining cum battle station table is a total winner. We have a mini abeit cacat but full functioning juke box. Simple things like permanent marker hanging beside the fridge for you to write your name on your mineral water bottle. A big as storeroom for all food and snacks.

So all in all, if I'm given a free trip to choose between CC and PG, Crystal Coral all the way!!!


mizlan said...

wow..very good fishing blog..keep up your good fishing..hope be your friend.I am Mizlan from Labuan,Island..i am snakehead hunter

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi Mizlan! :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

I like sea maiden 1 the most.Yet, CC is also gorgeous...


Matsusan said...

Nice boat! Super Cozy bed! And also to the great food for the trip! Yum Yum! Hope to see more CR soon!