Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merpati, Sarawak - (II) - Crystal Coral

Part I - The Arrival
Part II - Crystal Coral
Part III - The Crazy Ass Arsenal
Part IV - Food, Food, Food
Part V - Catch Report Pt I
Part VI - Catch Report Pt II
Part VII - Misc Shots

The Captain's Cabin

The speed boat. Didn't get a chance to use it as we didn't go to any shallow reefs.

This is where Jams, our chef, prepares to feed all the hungry jigging monsters!!!

Our dining table

The various bedrooms - fully air-conditioned

Emergency Raft

TV room - with VCD player and Astro.

The Crystal Coral JUKEBOX! Providing us with daily dose of musical entertainment. We had tunes from Hardcore Techno - Pop - Super Emotional Oldies - Country - CHRISTMAS CAROLS!!

And last but not least, Crystal Coral and ME! :-p

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