Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Maldives (IV) - Fish Market

TUNAS everywhere. And I'm not talking bout the fish market. If you love TUNAS, go stay in Maldives. Everything is TUNA!!! Lunch and dinner, curry TUNA and boiled TUNA. Went to Male to eat, fried rice with TUNA, Fried noodle with TUNA. Went to one of the islands, ordered some cakes/kuih and the fillings were TUNA. Another thing is COCONUT. Breakfast, capati with COCONUT. Cakes and kuihs, COCONUT and TUNA. :-s


GuillermoJB2000 said...

The tuna is beautiful fish. El atun es un pez hermoso.
Your site is very very good. Tu sitio es muy muy bueno.
Greetings from Mexico City.
Saludos desde la Ciudad de Mexico.

Anonymous said...


That's a lot of tuna..makes me hungry. Will make a mental note to make a trip to Maldives in the near future and do a live on board fishing trip. Good tip!


Anonymous said...

Wah lau... left, right, up, down all tuna! I should plan to go Maldives just for tuna alone.

You have a nice site by the way.