Monday, December 18, 2006

Maldives (V) - Catch Rpt

I forgot it was a fishing here's the catch report :-s

I think we set the record for the worst ever fishing trip to Maldives :-) I caught the biggest on Jig and Pop out of the entire trip. Caught 2 more Baraccudas on Jig, but WAYtoo tiny to even snap a pic.

Of course, the biggest overall of the trip came from Bottom (big Ray and Shark) by the other kakis. As for myself, I only caught a baby shark and 1 unstoppable train for 5 minutes with Bottom.

Conclusion, do not go to Maldives in December. Best time is Feb - Apr!! As for boat and organiser, pass if you can. There are much nicer boats in Maldives and we are definitely taking one of those on our NEXT trip back!! See you soon Maldives!! :-)

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