Friday, December 22, 2006

Merpati, Sarawak - (IV) - FOOD FOOD FOOD

Part I - The Arrival
Part II - Crystal Coral
Part III - The Crazy Ass Arsenal
Part IV - Food, Food, Food
Part V - Catch Report Pt I
Part VI - Catch Report Pt II
Part VII - Misc Shots

Introducing the chef of CC - JAMs!!

Food was excellent througout the trip. On average, we have 5 meals daily - breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner & supper. Damn I don't even eat so much on land back home.

Here's some pictures of our main meals ie. lunch and dinner. Every meal we have chicken wings but was cooked differently - deep fried, sweet and sour, curry, soy, etc. Vege and fish is a definite item.
And of course we have other dishes like sweet and sour eggs, fried egg with sausages, etc etc. Breakfast was fried mee and kuaw teow. Fried and ready before you even wake up.

On the last day, our dinner was BBQ :-D We have chicken wings, lamb chop, sausages, french fries, cucumber, vegs, etc etc. Unfortunately and fortunately, we don't need to grill anything ourselves. Just sit and wait and eat.

Lets talk about tea break and supper. One of our supper was fried rice which was normal.

What was not normal was one of our tea break. Shortly after lunch on the 2nd day, around 2pm, Jams our chef, was chopping up 3 fishes which I thought was for dinner. So I thought to myself 'a bit early rite?'.

Half an hour later, we have in front of us 2 deep fried fish and 1 steam!! My god...pening...

Another of our tea break - Amberjack Sashimi :-p

Refreshment was never short the entire trip. Chilled coke, 100+, orange juice and Heneiken is readily available. Nescafe and tea is beside the kettle, DIY.

This is a self made refreshment - semi-frozen orange juice :p Perfect reward after battling an Amberjack. CHEERS!!

Coming up next - Merpati, Sarawak (V) - Catch Rpt


Anonymous said...


Food look damm good..fishes too. Great site. Can pick up some skills. Looks darn hard core but great fun.

Julie aka Mozzie

Anonymous said...

Nice combo you have there! Jigging + food + camaderie....

Mind sharing the cost involved and the duration of the trip. How many anglers? Contact no of the tekong?


Ken FK Yong said...

The trip was RM1200 excluding airfare. We were on board Crystal Coral 5 days. 8 anglers in total. As for contact number, don't really have one as it was a last minute trip which we just hope on when the owner of Crystal Coral bumped into my friend and he said ' week got trip. Wanna join?'. And 1 week later, we were on Crystal Coral :-p

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken.

RM1200 was reasonably given the 'comforts' you guys have there *smile*!

Regretted to come come got poisoned! Your reels are a master jigger's dream! I've only Jigger NR and Kaikon 3000 (don't like this...too wide for my small finger to level line!) to show! Wanna get that Certate 3500HD from Plat for light jigging!

Ken FK Yong said...

I know what you mean with the Kaikon. It's similar in width with my Daiwa Saltist 40 i think. The Certate is definitely a good investment. Looks good with the RCS mods! Or some Bassart/Studio flavors :-p