Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Maldives (III) - Tuna Fishing Maldives Style

This is the Maldivian's traditional tuna fishing method. There'll be 2 person, 1 on each side of the boat, who will be constantly baiting the water by throwing live sardines. And the sprinkler at the edge of the boat creates constant vibration on the water surface giving an impression that there's a feeding frenzy going on. While the tunas are gathered at the back of the boat, the fishermen lining up at the back will fish the tunas with their long pole. Once they hook on to a tuna, they will have to keep it on the surface and with a swift jerk, swing it to the back of the boat. And because the hooks are barbless, the tunas will just drop onto the deck while the fisherman lower their pole back to the water waiting for the next hit.

These buggers are strong! Once they take the bait, if they manage to dive down, you'll be so screwed! I hooked one which dived, and I couldn't lift it up even with 4 people on the pole. Not to mention the water is kinda choppy and you are standing at the edge of the boat on extremely slippery surface, without live jacket, and you have a pack of hungry fishes in the water. Hmm...what was I thinking??

Parts of the catch. Mostly Skip Jack Tunas and some Yellow Fins.

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