Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merpati, Sarawak - (V) - Catch Report Pt I

Part I - The Arrival
Part II - Crystal Coral
Part III - The Crazy Ass Arsenal
Part IV - Food, Food, Food
Part V - Catch Report Pt I
Part VI - Catch Report Pt II
Part VII - Misc Shots

Overall catch was very fruitful with Amberjacks being very co-operative.

Here's the most 'happening' angler of all, with the MOST fish landed, BIGGEST amberjack jigged, and MOST fish hooked with 1 jig. Presenting Albert from Miri!!

These are the 2 AJs landed with 1 jig by Albert. Damn he is on fire!!

Another AJ by Albert.

Fellow angler from JB, with a Kelisi, with bottom fishing.

Here's a virgin jigger with his very first Amberjack and very first fish caught on Jig. His legs were trembling MAXIMUMLY when fighting the fish. At the initial hookup, I was sitting down having a break. And when I saw the bent on his rod, he was not wearing a fighting belt. I jumped up and ran to him while unhooking my belt and hook it on his waist. And cos my belt was quite big and he quite skinny, I had to hold on to the belt from the back the entire time as it was slipping down.

Here's Bruce with his Big eye.

Bruce again with his Dogtooth Tuna.

Wah with his Big Eye

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