Monday, December 25, 2006

Merpati, Sarawak - (VI) - Catch Report Pt II

Spent 100% of my fishing time jigging during the entire trip. From observation, the BLUE jigs seems to be more productive with the AJs. We were jigging mostly at depth of 100m and more, so most of the jigs were above 200grams.

Here are some of the Tricks of the Trade -
- Use heavy jigs so your jig goes down FAST! And get ready to drop once the boat is anchored. It's 'FIRST COME FIRST SERVE' with the AJs. Everytime we re-anchored the boat, we will have at least 2 hookups right after.
- During jig retrieval, pause for 1 to 2 seconds after 5 or 7 jigs. Most of our takes were during the pause. In fact, my biggest AJ was hooked up when I stopped to rest my arm. While resting, I felt 3 very light jerks and it was a one-way ticket right after that for 5 minutes!!
- Do not overglow your jig. It freaks them out. Unless you are at some virgin fishing grounds.
- When things slow down, hook on a slice of meat to your jig. The bigger the slice the merrier.

Here's my first and smallest Amberjack :-D

Tackle Setup
Rod - Daiwa Saltiga Deep 55B, PE6
Reel - Accurate Boss Magnum 665
Line - Kitaya Batline 80lbs
Leader - YGK FC 80lbs

Released to fight another day

Fighting my 2nd AJ :-D

Tackle Setup
Rod - V Fox - T Blade PE 4-8
Reel - Daiwa Saltiga Z6500H DogFight
Line - Xzoga 80lbs
Leader - YGK FC 80lbs

Fighting my 3rd and biggest AJ :-D Tackle setup as above.

Didn't even have the strength to lift the bugger up...even the smile on the face was forced...

More AJs!! :-D

DogTooth Tuna!!

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