Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Burma Banks - Part III - Chillis

Here comes the most important part of ANY fishing trips...FOOD. There are some ppl who are not very particular. Thankfully, my usual kakis are very. Not that we want 3 course meals to be served when we are fishing. It's just that we wanna make sure we are well fed even when we are in the middle of nowhere. So whenever we go fishing, we always make sure we have enough food...tidbits...snacks...fruits...drinks...etc etc. If the fish don't eat, WE EAT!! I think the must have for any trip is watermelon. Which must be stored in the coolbox with ice!! And to be eaten around 3/4pm when everyone is all drained from the sun. Ahhhhh... Heaven........
Ok Ok...back to food onboard PG. Lets keep it simple. If you like spicy food, you'll love PG. If you don't or can't take it, big ass problem. The amount of chillis they used in all the dishes is as though they are floating all over the ocean and they just scoop it up and chuck it in the dishes! I'm no fan of chillis, but I don't mind spicy food. So overall food experience was good and very tasty. Oh... their dishes are also very 'porky'. Almost everything has pork. So another thing to take note of.
The only down side of food is the earlier mentioned lack of chairs and table to eat. Other than that, overall food experince is good :)

Our chef :)
This was a shot taken when we were having breakfast in town. Nothing fancy.
Fried lala and tomyam soup. The lala were superb. Big and juicy. And the tomyam is damn power!
Pork with chillis. Vege with chillis. Thank god their soup no chillis...
Paste and chillis and stuffs for rice noodle. DIY.
The rice noodle.
And the soup for the rice noodle.
More chillis and meat, and vege.

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