Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rompin - July 2008

A couple months back, Bruce GT King called and asked if I'm interested in an 'awek trip' to Rompin, where he'll be bringing his wife and there'll be few other female participants. My usual response...'ON KAO NEI!!!'.It's almost exactly one year ago since my last trip to Rompin with my then colleagues. So here we are again hoping to land some Sails, KY & NN.
In preparation for her first jigging trip, I got her a Golden Mean Sabel Dance, similar to the one I posted earlier, just different poundage; PE 1. It'll be paired with my Daiwa Caldia Kix 4000. Other setups include Shimano Stella C3000 with Evergreen Poseidon Spin Jerker Light for jigging, and Avet SX with Jekyll Super Short Rodders for the sails.
Overall the trip was fun although we didn't land any Sails. :-) We had 2 hookups with our drifting Selars; 1 Todak landed, and 1 Sail threw the hook. And NN get to land the Todak all by herself; albeit a bit big bully style as she was using Alan's setup - PE6 rod with Daiwa Saltiga DOGFIGHT. The Todak didn't stand a chance. Nonetheless...she was crowned the TODAK QUEEN!!! :-p Sotongs were quite cooperative throughout and the Selars provide fun throughout the day on Apollos. Anyway, here are some pictures to share. :-)
The old and run down jetty of Rompin. How nice if the sea is this calm...
I like this

Alan and GT King aka BruceMy lunch. Roti Canai Shake! :-)
NN the Todak Queen!!

Nic, Bruce's brother... . The Cobia King!!
NN tumpang glamour :-)

Mrs GT King.Prized catch of the day!!
And that's a WRAP!!!
- year, we will plan another trip to Rompin. Only this time we'll go end of August or beginning of September. A group of anglers were down in Rompin just last week (mid Sep) and they landed 20 over Sails in 3 days. Crazy shit... Same boat...same boatman...and most likely same techniques as it's done by the boatman.


brewsterazi said...

Bro...NN is the true Todak Queen...see how se pegang the ikan...

the COCO seed said...

It was definately was a good trip. We should do it again...this time with hope of bigger fishes and more sotongs!!! Yummy

Ken FK Yong said...

We should definitely do it again!!! Next year August around merdeka!!!! DO IT DO IT!!!

GT King! Plot in your calendar please!

the COCO seed said...

Ahemmm...thank you, thank you bresterazi :)

I had to attend training classes before we went out to sea ok! and on top of that, must learn from all of you guys also lah...your fav line "Gaya mesti ada!!!" hahahaha

Next trip...gaya with a sail fish lah :)