Friday, September 12, 2008

Burma Banks - Part V - Cam Whores

In any fishing trip, the fun parts include the pre and post processes & also the journey. 'Processes' includes preparations like packing the jigs, clothes, rods, reels, etc., getting all excited, anticipating and planning what to do during the trip, targets, etc. And the journey includes the new places that you get to go, different people you get to meet with different toys and skills for you to pick up, different food that you get to taste, etc etc. Burma Banks is no exception with bunch of cam whores as follow. Enjoy...
-Prior departure, at LCCT-
-On the way to Ranong, from Phuket. Late lunch place-
-On board PG prior departing-
-Leaving Ranong-

-Union of Myanmar, KawThaung. Got all passports stamped, and off we went-
-Catchers & Catchees, Anglers & Anglees, Jiggers & Jiggees, Fishers & Fishees-

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