Sunday, September 07, 2008

Burma Banks - Part IV - Ruby Ruby Ruby

Finally the catch report. As the title goes...Ruby Ruby Ruby...!!!
Overall, fishing was good. No monster, not excellent, just good. If you look at the pictures, you'll notice that most of the fishes are Ruby Snappers. And most, if not all are caught during 3 frenzy moments. These moments are so frenzy that as long as you jigs were bouncing the bottom, you will get a share of the action. There was also a brief frenzy with baby 'Long Tan', or groupers. Unfortunately, we didn't get any monster groupers. Bottom fishing was also very productive throughout the trip.
I think the main reason I rate the catch as good and not excellent is because other than the few frenzy moments, the other time were very unproductive. Bites were between 1-2 hours apart, sometimes further. I know this is acceptable due to current and tide change but imagining jigging through the day and only catch 1 fish. If not for the frenzies, we would have thrown all the crew into the ocean and start casting our poppers... :-p Speaking of popping, only 2 GTs were caught; 1 by Michael and 1 by me, at the same time; double hookup. Not big, hence neither of us bother with our cameras...Hahahaha...
Anyway, I came up with a silly conclusion...sometimes beside being hardworking and jig non stop throughout the trip, need to be smart also. Assign a few 'wakers' throughout the trip. All these 'wakers' need to do is wake you during frenzies when you take your extensive naps. And definition of frenzies can vary according to taste or standard or duration. :-p Once awaken, go to the deck and observe and confirm frenzy status. If status matches 'taste/standard/duration', jig. If not, zzz...zzz... Unfortunately, I'm usually the waker in this scenario. Very often, I can't bring myself to fall asleep. I'll be like 'what if I miss the frenzy??', 'what if my waker got suck into the frenzy and abandon his duty??', 'if I discover the frenzy, I get to jig more!!' etc etc. Sigh... Sucker... :-s
Anyway, enjoy the pictures!!
Long Nose Emperor - bottom fishing.

Ruby Ruby

RUBY!! idea what fish is this...
Baby tuna :-D
Wahoo! This was funny. We have all reeled up our jig as the captain wanted to change spot and the boat was already moving. Boon's jig was still in the water and he was reeling up top speed and suddenly he shouted 'STOP!!! GOT FISH!!!'.
Ruby Grouper!
Blue Fin!
Baby Dog tooth!
Ruby!!! Ruby!!


Fookie said...

isn't this the catch report in rod n line last few months??

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi Fookie,

It should be. Michael always send his articles to them.