Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pulau Jarak - Sept 08

This trip happened more than a month ago. Been a bit busy with work and worst of all, internet connection at home was giving problems and was finally sorted out last night!. So I have like 20 over posts pending :-p Was also in Pekan couple weeks back, so will blog about that soon.

Anyway i was the organiser for this 1-day trip. I needed a 1 day weekend getaway and Sitiawan seems to be the nearest option. So off we went to Pulau Jarak with Chung's new boat. It was a very unfruitful trip. Throughout the trip, only 2 fishes were landed on jig, 1 GT and 1 Black Tip. So in the late afternoon, we ended up trolling around Pulau Sembilan for Cencarus. Here are some pictures, and there's also a good write up from Bruce.

Hotel Sitiawan - NN under the sheets.
NN posing infront of Tuna II

My setups, Stellas and Poseidons. All of which didn't see any actions. Just salt.
NNDD with his ... can't remember what fish also... :-p
Taking shelter from the sudden shower - INDOOR style
Taking shelter - OUTDOOR style
The only Black Tip landed by Johnson.Tumpang glamor a bit :-D
NN having fun with the Cencarus

When there are no biggies.. have to make do a bit la...

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