Monday, January 05, 2009

Plano Flipsider Base Station

An extract from Plano website -

This totally unique hybrid system has a molded storage area with three rows of FlipSider® compartments. Also includes three 3700 ProLatch™ utility boxes. Three exterior pockets let you store necessary items without getting in the way of your tackle.

And a quote from Tackletour -

The hybrid Plano FlipSider effectively blends both soft and hard tackle storage systems together

A gift from NN couple months back, from Fishingline Tackle. Been wanting to get this ever since I saw the review in Tackletour. But after getting the Shout! Jigger Bag which kinda took care of all my travelling needs, the Plano took a number that never got called. But anyway, totally functional and cool storage bag to owe, value for money. Can't remember exactly the price, I think it was between RM300-RM350. Push the guy in Fishingline a bit and he will give a good price. ;-)

Here are some (jumble up) pictures and some of my comments.


Heavy duty stitching all around for extra durability.
Multiple latch, again for durability.
Fits most lures and jigs.

Non slip padding to prevent slipping.
Buckles that didn't sit well with saltwater. Totally corroded after my trip to Tukun Perak. Not so much built for saltwater.
This is comfortable!!!

It's call Base Station for a reason...

Front pouch for extra storage. Good for leaders, pliers, gloves, etc.
With water proof zipper.

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