Monday, April 27, 2009

Spratly 2009 - Part II

Here are some pictures taken before and after boarding Sea Maiden, before all the jigging and popping starts.
Michael, the organiser for the trip. If you would like to join him on his trips, log on to Do note that it's in chinese. Or you can always call him - 0126418880. Oh... better speak Cantonese or Mandarin...
KY and his Nature Boys rod tube.
Alan and KY
Michael sorting out the food and sleeping arrangements. We bought so much snacks and tidbits that even Michael was a bit shocked. But by the 2nd last night, we've finished EVERYTHING!!!
Johnson and Alan checking out the sleeping area. This room here hold 3 double deckers, and on the left and right are 2 more rooms which hold 1 double decker each.
This is the other sleeping area and toilet at the front of the boat.
Here are some pictures around Sea Maiden 1.
This is where we spend most of our time jigging... Picking up Sea Baby and GT1; our popping buddies for shallow reefs.

Time to get ready... :D:D:D
If you know how to tie FG knot, tie lo... if you don't, watch lo...Or you can ask ppl to help...Or DIY with SIFU's guidance...

The number of Stellas on board was really shocking... we had 15 anglers on board and I'd say average of 2 Stellas per angler. It was Stella everywhere la...


Anonymous said...

great catch report with good sharing, KY.

Ah Kai

Ken FK Yong said...

THanks :D