Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Toshiba Satellite M300

Toshiba Satellite M300

For the past few years that I've been blogging, I've always been using company's laptop, and it has always been IBM's Thinkpad. Recently, because of security and cost cutting reasons, we had to switch all our laptops to desktops. And that is why the past couple of weeks I was not able to blog. No laptop and worst of all, all my pictures were stuck in my company's laptop as they disabled all the USB ports, again for security reasons. Am kinda upset as I still have lots of pictures that I wanted to post but didn't have the time... so kinda need to retake all the pictures..

Anyway, knowing PC Fair was around the corner, I decided to buy a laptop of my own. Hahahaha... after so many years.

As usual, I was doing some extensive reseach on CNET and multiple forums and the finalist were down to HP's DV4 and Toshiba's M300, with similar specs and pricing. And since Toshiba seems to be slightly more reliable with better built quality, I got myself the Satellite M300 :)

Here are some pictures...

Powered by Intel.
Fingerprint reader.
harman/kardon - speakers brand I think...

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Anonymous said...

I tot u're gonna post your preparations to spratly on tomorrow?

BTW, have a pleasant flight!!