Saturday, April 25, 2009

Expedition Spratly - Intro

A week ago, a group of Sometimes Can Anglers set sail on board Sea Maiden 1 and headed up north from Labuan, to the infamous islands & reefs of Spralys in search of their Sometimes Can Dreams...

As usual, the packing began early...

Light Jigging
Golden Mean Sabel Dance II PE1 matched with Shimano Stella 5000 loaded with 20lbs Xzoga. Bought this rod a week before the trip. Very similar action and weight to Evergreen's Spin Jerker, at half the price.

Medium Jigging
Evergreen's Spin Jerker PE 2.5 matched with Shimano Stella 8000 loaded with 30lbs PowerPro.

Heavy Jigging
Hot's Wei World matched with Daiwa Z6500H Dogfight loaded with 80lbs braid.

Shimano Kaibutsu Light Pleasure PE2-4 matched with Shimano Stella 10000 loaded with 40lbs Xzoga.

My solid rod case - Nature Boys. Sometimes Can Anglers scattered all over...

Sea Maiden 1
After passing numerous oil rigs...
We finally reached Layang Layang... couple of hours later, the popping and jigging begins...


BREWST said...

It was a FUNTASTIC trip farking ROXX big time!!! it was pure fun fun fun....ONE MORE TIME this year for the 'SOMETIMES CAN' Crew!

Ah Kai said...

great trip you have !
mind to tell how much MM charge per angler and it was how many angler on board?

thanks !

Ah Kai